Nearly gone~ Roadtrip 2018

The bags are packed, am taking way too much stuff.  So many PRODUCTS!! 😀 The car is serviced, repaired ( 2 new coil springs ) new brake pads M.O.T’d and 4 new tyres.  Wasn’t expecting that (nearly £. 600) but I’ll be driving a fair few miles through Europe and need the Fragglewagon in tip top condition. 

Will you miss me? Well no you won’t, as I’ve scheduled a couple of the Frontline series over on the universe blog, and this time there’ll also be the odd post on location (apparently- according to Frego 🙄 ) so I’ll be popping in here and there.

If you want to follow along our journey you can click on and see where we are and how we’re doing!

12 hours to the off!

19 thoughts on “Nearly gone~ Roadtrip 2018

  1. I hope you will have an amazing trip! Have fun, and if you happen to drive through a very small town called Ede…don’t forget to wave lol 😂😂 Seriously though, have fun and enjoy it! 😊😊


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