Wednesday 7th November

I’m away yet again from tomorrow for the weekend. Travelling down to Shrewsbury and staying in a Tudor guest house (must take my breeches and doublets 🙂 ) for a night so I can photograph Shrewsbury on Friday, then to the National Model show held in Telford, where Phil will be entering models for the competitions. Especially his latest Brumbar

The Brumbar at SMC Eindhoeven

Our club has a stand where members show their models which is fab as I can sit behind it and read books! 🙂  

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been using this new Gutenberg editor on this blog.  I originally had it on the Universe blog but had to go back to the old editor there as the new one is missing some features I liked to use and need for the Fraggle reports.  I’ve kept using it though on here, as I like to persevere with something until I either get it, or don’t.  I’ve been using PC’s since the advent of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum in 1982, so I pretty much understand development, and take on board new stuff really easily, and I reckon I’ve given Gutenberg a good try out.  I’ve come to the conclusion it’s a pile of shite. There are bits missing.  Especially annoying to me is the inability to link to a prior post by way of a pop-up list like in the old one

In Gutenberg, the pop-up list of previous blog posts doesn’t appear, so in order to link them in Gutenberg, you’d have to go to each blog post and get the url from the browser, which is just too time-consuming if you want to add Part 1, Part 2 Part 3 etc. 

Also, when you set a featured image IT DOES’NT COME UP ON THE BLOG AS THE FEATURED IMAGE!!! That really naffs me off. 

Also when you go to ‘Add new post’ in the admin menu you have to first go to ‘all posts’ then on to add a new post, if you just do ‘add new post’ you get a white screen.  Anyway, I won’t bang on about all the stuff I’ve found, in the end, it’s still easy enough to use,  I’m still actually doing blog posts on it, I’m just not liking it as much.  The old editor will be taken over by this apparently, maybe I need to start a referendum to keep the old one, WPrexit!

This weekend is Remembrance Sunday here.  I’ve read in the papers that some people don’t want to wear poppies as the far right have appropriated it (along with the Union Jack) and they don’t want to be associated with that group of people.  I WILL be wearing my poppy badge, my Grandad served in WW1 and I am remembering him this weekend. No Far right group will take that away from me or those of us who want to show respect… unless we let them by NOT wearing the poppy. 

Interesting times over in the US of A, and am pleased for some of my American friends who are not too keen on the Republicans, actually all my American friends, I don’t have any Trumpskins that I know of anyway. The House is going to be a pretty place with all those ladies of different colours and creeds, lots of new young people too. Lovely to see the diversity that gives America it’s strength, or used to.  Not sure how all those white middle American men who love their Trump are going to cope!  Fingers xt it happens again in 2 yrs time, but in the senate too. Long way to go. 

Anyhoo, it’s time to get packing and get my cameras ready for action. 

Laters Gaters


8 thoughts on “Wednesday 7th November

  1. I hope you will have a great time: Looking forward to seeing your pictures for the event! And wow, that model of the tank is amazing! Did Phil make that model himself? It’s absolutely awesome! 😊😊

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  2. Congrats to Phil on a great model.
    I like your ‘signature’ on the photo too.
    I am pleased that you confirmed my fears about Gutenberg. They are supposed to be leaving the option of using the existing editor, from a drop-down box.
    Let’s hope they do that.
    Shrewsbury is a great town for photos. You will have some lovely camera time there. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Thanks Pete. I think my signature is on most of my photos, or should be! Yes fingers xt we keep the old editor available. Will only be in Shrewsbury for a day and its forecast rain (of course 🙄 but fingers crossed for a break.

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  3. Shrewsbury’s a lovely town. Telford’s a bit less lovely.

    I’d forgotten about Gutenberg. Very few of my posts don’t have a link (or three) to another post, so not being able to do that easily will be annoying.

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  4. I hope you weren’t attacked and called far right. I think press exaggerates so much and tries to paint any person as extremist. Trump is popular in South America and in my country in the traditional place we value capacity over color of skin. Once there was an actress that was chosen to be the image of the state TV and groups said as she is white she should not represent the country. The public said that she is a good actress and every Peruvian has right to represent us if has earned a place without matter of skin color. I follow both persons that happen to be Democrats and Republicans and I think there is a demonization of the extremists of each group against the other. In any case as a person that always disliked the interference of U.S. in our South American countries I respect the election of their voters and I always double check what their press says as, as happens here too, they represent more the interests of their corporations than the exposition of the truth.

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