Tales from Fraggle Towers & Day 5

You’ve probably worked out by now that I have embarked upon another One shot a Day project or a 365 as it’s known. In 2016 I completed a regimented 366, and blimey was I happy to finish it. I hadn’t intended to do one until Jan 1st came. Recently I’ve been in a creative slump, not really picked up the camera with any enthusiasm for a good few weeks now, and it was driving me mad. So I immersed myself in a photo course called Master Your Craft by one of the best teachers I’ve come across, David duChemin. He covers the ‘creative slump’ and his advice is to choose a project but set parameters as they help foster creativity, whereas no parameters just leaves you flapping about wondering where to go with it. In another section of the course, he encourages you to go deeper, spend a year really going deep into a subject and you’ll come out the other end making better shots. Not sure about the last bit but I thought I’d give it a go.

I’ve dabbled a bit in Black & White photography, here and there, I did a whole month back in the 366 but then reverted to colour mostly. So I’ve chosen to do B&W for a year, and really get to grips with it.

I’m using my trusty Fuji XT2, and shooting in RAW then processing the B&W in Lightroom for some of the shots, but also will be using the newly aquired Fuji X100F compact, which I have customised with settings that process jpegs in-camera. Fuji is well known for the quality of their in-camera processing and their great film simulations so although the shots are straight out of the camera, they’ve still been through a process.

I’m inserting a big THANK YOU here to John Joblin (no-G πŸ™‚ ) over at Uniquefotoart for sending me great set-up videos to learn from re- the 100F.

Fuji X100F Jpg with customised settings
Kate Bush The Kick Inside Remastered.

Kate Bush’s first album, The Kick Inside was released back in 1978 when she was 19 yrs old, though some of the songs had been written when she was 13. “Wuthering Heights” is probably the most recognisable track to people as it did so well in the charts, as did “The Man with the Child in his Eyes”, but every song on that album is a work of genius, and the range and quality of Ms.Bush’s vocal capabilities is unique, I can’t think of anyone who is near her except maybe Tori Amos. It has been one of my Top 10 albums since I first heard it and last year a remastered version was released which I listened to in awe last night. First time I’ve heard perfection improved. I quite liked her 2nd album Lionheart which has also been remastered, but as she went on I dropped away and I didn’t really like her very experimental stuff. No matter, lots of other people do!

The title track is still my favourite on the album, and for anyone who has never heard sublimeness, here it is.

21 thoughts on “Tales from Fraggle Towers & Day 5

  1. Good choice of a wonderful album for today’s shot. I still love to hear Kate’s early classics, and never tire of them.
    What to you think of the X100F so far? Do you find the 35 mm (eqiiv) lens limiting, or inspiring? I know John uses one for some of his Newcastle street shots, and I was impressed. If it was half the current best price, I might be tempted. πŸ™‚
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Thanks Pete. Well I only got it yesterday and spent most of the afternoon going through the manual (which I hate doing as I never quite understand them!) Luckily John came to the rescue with some excellent video’s for me! I’ve only done a couple of test shots and then this one for day 5 so I can’t say how I like it as yet. My favourite lens for my XT2 is a 35mm so I don’t think that’s going to be an issue for me. Re: cost, I found them on line between Β£990 and Β£1200, but also knew I could trade in a couple of items, so went to the London Exchange camera shop in Newcastle that was doing it for Β£1019 with Β£180 cashback from Fuji after 28 days, so what with that and my trade ins it’s cost me Β£460, not bad going πŸ™‚

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  2. First, interesting you decided to embark on a year of B&W. Me too! Film and digital. I am not into photography as I was a year ago – in part because my activities have been rather restricted, but are improving – so I decided to just post a picture every day. Could be old, could be new. The point is to get into looking at things again. Repurposing old photos is actually rather fun, especially into B&W.

    Next, David du Chemin is really someone to read. I have a lot of his stuff lying around (ie on the HDs), and I found him inspirational.

    And, I love Kate Bush, too. πŸ˜‰

    Looking forward to your next year of photos!

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  3. How great that you have decided to do a new photo project! I admire your commitment to it! You’ll continue to grow so much from it. I’m glad for the explanation. I was getting ready to go back before day 1 and see what I had missed. πŸ˜‰

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  4. It will be beautiful to see your evolution dear Fragglerocking. These projects are complex; I couldn’t do them because my mood would change a lot and actually I am not that connected to internet. But I have seen your previous challenge and you did it despite the difficulties :O Good luck and thanks for sharing with us ^_^

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