Day 12 & Day 13 & Tales from Fraggle Towers

Yesterday was a busy day, so although I took a shot, I didn’t get chance to upload or sort. That’s because I spent the day with Sophie out with our camera’s. Our first trip for 2019 so we are up and running in spite of the grey skies. We went to Newbiggin-By-The-Sea, Craster and Dunstanburgh Castle, a bit of a whistlestop tour but eventful nevertheless, it’ll be on the Universe blog when I’ve finished with 2018’s outings.

So Day 12’s shot comes from the church we visited at Newbiggin

Day 12 ~ good teeth for an old boy!

When I got home from my outing, the grandkids Cal & Liddy were already here with Phil, as we had volunteered to have them overnight. They’ve just got back from a holiday in Dubai with Mum, (who you may have met on day 10) and Dad, and we thought they might like a break. We regretted that at 5.50am today when they came in our room to get us up! Phil was not amused I can tell you and they were sent back to bed toot sweet! I got up eventually as I couldn’t get back to sleep and our little Liddy is in polite terms, a loud-speaker, in not so polite terms she’s a little gobshite 😊.

Anyway here she is chilling out this morning.

Day 13 ~ The Lidster

I think I’ll be having an early night, I’m cream crackered!

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