Day 17

Snow day!!! I was very surprised this morning when in the space of 10 minutes a whole heap of snow descended from the sky and within half an hour, Wardley was a white-out. Of course, it’s nearly all gone now, the sun came out all afternoon and melted it. But for half an hour this morning, I ran around the front and back of the house shooting snow. So a few more than usual on the daily post, with my ‘official’ day post being at the end.

The beginning
and onwards
snow fingers
Robin Ironsides
Day 17

19 thoughts on “Day 17

  1. Goodness! Snow must be quite the phenom in your bit of the world, like rain is in mine. And it is currently raining! Very nice series of pictures, Fraggy.

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      1. The world is, sadly, a warmer place. Same here with rain and temperature. I was born in an early October blizzard in Chicago – not likely to happen these days, I bet!

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