Day 18

It’s always a little bit exciting to get developed films back from the lab. I sent 3 off a week ago, and now they are back. Taken between October and December, colour and B&W, and incorporating Shrewsbury, Cragside, Tynemouth Market and Newcastle. I will be posting these at some point on the Fragglefilm blog.

Positive negatives.

11 thoughts on “Day 18

  1. You have luck dear fragglerocking. I take carefully photographs with my film cameras but as there is nobody here using film the chemicals are old and the staff of the lab without experience so I receive very scratched negatives (from three different cameras) and scanned in a resolution that seems of lower quality than from a cell phone with two megapixels. Said that from you my all time favorite is from a compact 35mm camera you have, it vignettes and all but is so warm… I like it even more than the medium format Rollei you had :O

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