Day 19

The Oxford Galleries in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne opened as a ballroom in 1925 and was a popular haunt for dancers through to the late sixties. From then on it changed from a dance hall to a night club and over the years had various names – Tiffany’s, the Ritzy, Ikon, The Studio, Central Park, Diva, Liquid Envy the last being Club LQ. In February 2014 plans were submitted to demolish the former Oxford Galleries in favour of new build student accommodation, and the house to the left would become a coffee bar. The house was built by the architect, John Dobson, as his private house in 1825 and he lived here until his death in 1865.

This is an aerial view of the area back in the day

And a view of it in its heyday.

and this is my picture of it today, hidden amongst the student accommodation.

Day 19, The Oxford

9 thoughts on “Day 19

    1. I think so too, but at least they saved this bit of history and didn’t just wipe it out. That whole area in the aerial shot is completely different now. It happens to all cities though as things ‘progress’.

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