Day 22

My house has been sounding like a war zone for the past week. I have a born-again teenage husband. πŸ™„

61 going on 16

I have to say, the graphics are amazing, so realistic.

Somewhere in France

and the soundtrack is better than on some war movies I’ve seen. I’ll be glad when he’s won the war, though it may take some time, as he gets killed a lot. 🀣

Call of Duty. WW2

18 thoughts on “Day 22

  1. I owned a SNES, when it came out. I only had Sim City, Mario Kart, and Zelda. My ex-wife once sat up for 40 hours until she had finished Zelda. The entire weekend gone! I never had the patience to play so long, and got the Sim City cheat from a magazine, giving me unlimited money. I had a great city!
    At least Phil isn’t out fishing, in the pub, or gambling. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Thank goodness my other half outgrew those and hasn’t found them since! I cannot play any of them as I get so seasick I’ve thrown up. You can always lose them for him if it really makes you nuts – or make him where headphones?!

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    1. Ah no bless him, he’s got 11 speakers in the media room, the sound is part of the fun of it for him! Also I don’t get fed-up as it’s funny as anything hearing him shouting at it when he’s getting killed πŸ˜€

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      1. That is great! When Castle Wolfenstein, or whatever it was called, was big some 20 years ago I got pretty tired of machine guns and cries of β€œmein leiben”. You’re a nice wife!

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  3. Videogames industry is more powerful than movie industry, at least that I read last year. I am not surprised the music is quite good. I don’t play videogames but I love some soundtracks being my favorite the one for Silent Hill III by Akira Yamaoka. (Rain of Brass Petals – three voices edit)
    A young heart is something nice ^_^

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  4. I played a lot of video games and arcades games in my youth. Very fun and I appreciate those times. Rarely play games now as I have found other hobbies.

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