Day 26

Still sniffling, snuffling and sneezing but functioning quite well I think. 🙂 Tomorrow is Sunday Challenge day over on Ipernity, and the them is lamps so I have taken a picture of one of my favourites. Back in the day, i.e before I was 10 yrs old 😳 my Mum bought me a little pottery lamp that looked like a toadstool and had little mice inside it. 49 years later I thought it would be nice to have one like it in the spare room for the grandkids, but didn’t know who made them or even what they were called. I ended up doing an ebay search for ‘vintage lamps’. You can imagine how many pages came up for that! There’s a lot of vintage and fake vintage under that search I can tell you.

But I kept trawling through, and though there’s a saying ‘fortune favours the brave’ I prefer to say ‘fortune favours the bloody-minded persistent buggers’. 😀

Toadstool lamp ~ with cats.

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