Day 45

I think I’m having a crisis in my 365, I’m beginning to really dislike Black & White!! Everything looks better in colour!!!

I think it’s because today has been like a spring day, and I went out for a walk with my camera to get a shot for today, and there’s a bit of colour coming back into the landscape. Heaven knows how I’m going to cope in proper Spring! Still, that’s what my challenge is, to embrace B&W for a year.

So here’s my shot for today

Day 45

but I’m just gonna sneak this one in, no-one will notice I’m sure.

15 thoughts on “Day 45

  1. We are in flood . . . my freesias are ready to bloom and the roses have new shoots from their January haircuts. I agree with you! What to do with all those other colorful things you see. Suggestion: start a blog called “Vicarious Color in a 365 Black & White Year” or something. Use British spelling too, if you like. 😉

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  2. I can relate. Here near the equatorial line everything is so colorful in nature, and traditional clothes too. Black and white can sometimes be felt like being blind to so much beauty. But seeing your photographs I think you got to get used to see in black and white. ^_^

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