Day 51

No sunshine today just grey and rainy, and as I was working and doing the weekly ASDA run, I thought I’d do some photography in the shed tonight for today’s shot. I vaguely was aware of a full moon off to the east when I was running back and forth to the shed but was so caught up in finding something to shoot in the shed I didn’t realise that that big ol’ moon would be perfect for a black and white. Of course, by the time I got my tripod set up, swapped lenses, got a glass of wine and was ready to shoot, a whole herd of clouds had wandered into the scene. But I shot it anyway, so here’s the moon, through clouds 🙄🤣

Day 51 Cloudy Moon

I refrained from adding a flock of birds silhouette in potatoshop, but only. just. 🤣

This was the other contender, do you think I chose the right one?

Day 51 2nd choice

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