Day 52

Went into Newcastle this afternoon, and took the 100F with me and did what is now known as a bit of a Joblin-with-a-g, i.e a bit of street shooting. It’s not really my normal thing, and I do have nerves going off when I’m shooting random people, so I’m not at John’s level – check his stuff out HERE

but here’s a few I managed

Smile you’re on candid camera!
The balloon busker
Joe Treacy ~ really nice voice.
Day 52 ~ shadow walking

15 thoughts on “Day 52

  1. I like street photography, but it really is hard to do well. Just getting out there is key, but getting comfortable is also key. And being savvy. A woman in LA was murdered after she took a picture of a street person – he didn’t like being photographed. That said, it really is fun to go out with a limited camera, small, 50mm or so lens, and see what happens. I enjoyed these!

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      1. I agree. Too many people think that the downtrodden, especially, are fair game. If you live on the street, you are mine to photograph . . . I think respecting privacy is important, but as well, if you are out there, you are fair game. At least here in the US that is the case.

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