15 thoughts on “Day 57

  1. Lilies are my favourite.

    This is such a gorgeous pic.

    So I’ll be so brazen as to ask if I would be allowed to use one of your beautiful photos on a poem with full gushing credit and a link to you?

    Totally understand if the answer is no. These photos are amazing and I feel like you should be charging us just for looking at them here!

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      1. Damn! I just posted a poem and used another orchid photo from unsplash.
        Thank you for saying yes. I’m so excited now.
        Tomorrow’s poem will be with one of your pieces of art x

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      2. Oh but wait…do you want me to link to this blog or the other one?
        People will definitely peek in if I link to to this beauty of a secret lol.

        Up to you

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