Day 59

Oh. my. god! From summer back to winter in a day. I knew it was changing, but not this much. All day the dullest wishy washy grey sky and it couldn’t even rain properly, a sort of mizzle going on, so BORING after last weeks warmth and blue skies. I could not find any light and shade so was a bit stuck for what to shoot today, so I had a look at the macro theme for monday and it’s ‘stamps’.

I knew Phil had an old album in the loft so I asked him to get it down from me to use. What a treat, all the old style stamps from days of yore, (Phil collected from the ages of 9 & 10, so 50 years ago now!) and I went a bit mad with the macro lens.

My shot for today, is the stamp on a letter from Phil’s Dad to his Mum. Just after the end of WW2 his Dad was in army barracks on the Isle of Wight, and his Mum (who had been in the army nursing soldiers out in India and the like) and had a job in South Shields Hospital. George V1 was on the throne, and decimalisation was not even a twinkling in anyone’s eye.

Day 59 ~ From Plymouth with love.

I thought I’d also post the colour ones I’ve taken, they are fascinating to me and might be to someone else too. (see how I’m sneaking colour into my posts ☺️ ) try clicking on them to see some lovely detail in them. I love how they depict history in such a small space. They don’t make them like this anymore.

The Malagasy Republic, (French: République malgache) was a state situated in Southeast Africa. It was established in 1958 as an autonomous republic within the newly created French Community and existed until the proclamation of the Democratic Republic of Madagascar in 1975.

6 thoughts on “Day 59

  1. Oh Fraggy these are so delightful, to see all that color.. and the different variations of the countries. Yeah our are pretty boring. And of course I’m use to see the Canadian stamps.ive enjoyed perusing over them all. You’ve taken me back to my childhood, when we all had penpals, , I think it was just to see the different stamps:) most of the penpals were from England and even those stamps thrilled us. Thanks for sharing Fraggs. Even though we have sun today, we got 6 inches of fresh snow … so seeing these stamps brightened up my gloomy day😍🙄😎😉


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