Day 60

Back in the day we used to call my Mum Inspector Gadget

because well, because she had every gadget going, teasmaids, ionisers, sodastream, one of those hairdryers with a tube and plastic bonnet, a foot massager, wall mounted can opener and every conceivable kitchen gadget. It makes me smile every time I invest in one of today’s gadgets, I’m sure she would approve of me following in her footsteps. 🤣

I didn’t even know soupmakers existed until my hairdresser told me about them yesterday- off to amazon I went and bish bash bosh I am now the proud owner of one.


There will be pictures of bowls of soup of course. 😊

9 thoughts on “Day 60

  1. Can’t you just use a big casserole dish? I still think of a microwave as a gadget. 🙂
    Julie bought a bread-making machine. She made one loaf, then stood the thing on the worktop. The next time I was in Tesco, I just bought my usual unsliced granary. But I have to clean the bread machine every time I do the worktops!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Haha, well I have a breadmaker, bought it after visiting Eddy in Poland when I went all organic-eco warrior, and to be fair, we’ve never bought bread again, I make a new loaf every 5 days or so it’s just so lush. Not sure about soup in a casserole dish, can do it in a saucepan, but where’s the fun in that!? 😀

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      1. Lol, instapot is a new fangled pressure cooker, I’m thinking that’s the same as your soup maker? I use it to make lots of stuff. I also have a power fryer. We eat with no oil. And the food all tastes deep fried… with out the cals. Or the mess of all that oil.
        Ohh I got ‘em all 🙂 u can share that pin with me.. oh no bread maker here… I don’t eat much of that.

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      2. Well check out the new cuisinart . If mine dies… that’s what I’m going to get , it does much more than a reg. Air fryer. Ur in the other 3 seasons I use mine ,I bet 3-4 nites a week. The f.f. Tastes like fast food fries:) and on and on I could go😂

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