Day 61

I miss the sun, no light and shade, just more grey and dull. It’s to be expected of course, this is England after all. So I must adapt and evolve, and I’ve been making my own light and shade by prettying up the shed with fairy lights. 🙂

Day 61 ~Shedding Light


  1. Two things. I have a bedroom I use to paint in – it is a STUDIO! My husband has a bedroom for work and play – it is an OFFICE. If he calls my STUDIO an OFFICE, there is trouble ahead!

    I like to think you have a studio for all your lovely creative endeavors. But a shed it is, and I won’t argue. In reality, the proverbial rose by any other name, etc., etc., etc.

    Nice photos, too; and we are very grey here today, too. Good day to play … in the studio. ;0

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