Day 67 & Tales from Fraggle Towers

Recently I’ve upped my eco~warrior game, and started getting my ‘produce’ (I hate that word for some unfathomable reason, I mean, produce, it should be a verb not a noun) from an organic farm. My vegetables and salad stuff are grown without the use of chemicals and are now lumpy, need washing and taste great. No plastic, it’s all bio-degradable packaging, and the meat all comes from animals and chickens running around in the great outdoors having it high on the hog.

I know I’m lucky to be able to afford to do it, as the stuff costs more than it does in ASDA for sure, but without people like me, organic farms wouldn’t thrive, and the more me’s there are, the easier it will be to expand that side of things and then the cost will reduce.

Well that’s in my La-La-Land brain anyhoo and you can’t knock a girl for trying.

Consequently, my second lot of organic eggs, inspired my shot for today.

Day 67 ~ Alien

Of course, y’all might be used to seeing wrinkly veiny eggs, but it is a first for me, and I wonder what I’m going to find inside it!

20 thoughts on “Day 67 & Tales from Fraggle Towers

  1. “Don’t panic, it’s organic!”

    Joking aside, I believe in supporting the organic movement, local businesses, local farmers. It’s not always possible, just because of life, but I totally agree with you – it’s worth it, and you are lucky to afford it.

    I like the photo! And, no yolking, your egg will be delicious!

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  2. I’ve never seen an egg like that, FR. Great shot of it. I often buy the supermarket version of ‘organic’, including organic free range eggs. But I usually wonder just how ‘organic’ or ‘free range’ any of it really is. If ‘free range chickens’ means they are allowed to run around inside a big shed, instead of being in a cage, then that’s something, I suppose.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Good for you Frags, supporting the small farmer and eating healthier as well, you know it makes sense.
    The egg is what is often called a storm egg, as a stressful event can sometimes cause the shell to be misshaped, the next level up from sh*tting yourself I guess 🙂

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      1. I just checked the web to see if I could find out more, but now I have no idea where I learnt that bit of info, possibly Gosias mum, the keeper of our family chickens since the buzzards round our house got a taste for white meat 🙂

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  4. Yep we are fortunate enough to get our veggies and fruit organically as well. I also but organic coffee!!! It’s a bit of a different story from our protein . Although… most if the winter we live in venison. Dave has to friends who hunt:)
    I’ve never seen it had a wrinkled egg Fraggy, lemme know how it was:) was it harder to crack ?

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