Day 75

We’re having a bit of a weather fest here and in most parts of the UK, snow last night, heavy rain this morning, a bit of sun this afternoon (by a bit, I mean 15 minutes) and wind the whole time. Now grey clouds are hurling themselves across the sky, well actually not so much hurling as trundling, but that doesn’t sound as dramatic.

Consequentially I stayed indoors. Sophie and I are hoping to go out tomorrow, as though blustery winds are forecast, the sun is booked for a visit.

My photo has nothing to do with the weather, it’s Sunday Challenge tomorrow, and the theme is – a musical instrument in B&W and square format. Hmm, I wonder who thought that one up 🤨 🙂

Day 75~ My old guitar

10 thoughts on “Day 75

  1. I didn’t get this notified, but it was in the Reader. I checked the settings, and you are down for instant notification, and I am shown following. So no idea what’s going on with WP. Grr!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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