19 thoughts on “Day 88

  1. Got a bit scheff at work that I grew from seed > 15 years ago. Sadly it is not doing too well these days. Don’t think it liked the office move we had last year. Anyhow, love the shadow play in that there photo!

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      1. Oh my god…that was me last year. Kept looking at it thinking it’ll flower again, surely!
        In the end I gave it up for adoption. It’s leading a better life there

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      2. Aw…you know what I was told.
        Put it in a pot that’s see through, ideally glass and when you water it, once a week ish, actually take it out of the pot and run the water over its roots, like under the tap if you see what I mean. And keep it near a window, obvs.
        It should work. I kind of managed it but I still gave it away in the end lol

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