Day 96

A cloudy grey weekend is upon the northeast coast, so no light and shade today 😦 . Instead, a relaxing morning reading the paper and doing the crossword puzzles. This afternoon I’ve been setting up a special feeding station for the birds in the back garden, – the breeding pair of blackbirds have returned to the leilandi, but no takers as yet.

This evening will consist of a Chinese takeaway, a bottle of sparkly rosé, and a movie ‘Hotel Artemis’ starring Jodie Foster, it has so-so reviews, but her performance, apparently is very good, oscar worthy even according to some critics.

Such an exciting life I lead sometimes!! 🙂

day 96 ~ puzzling

7 thoughts on “Day 96

  1. Same weather here, but I didn’t do any puzzles. At least it didn’t rain on my long walk with Ollie.
    Enjoy the film! (Dystopian thriller, it says on IMDB. I had never heard of it, but the cast is solid.)
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. We had s surprisingly excellent day, with sun. And I took Dave to the cemetery we took u and Phil to. Then we went out for a late lunch. Should have been home cleaning up leaves, lol oh well . I don’t think I know that movie, let me know how it is . , I’ve got jury duty next week ….. I’ll say no more 😦

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