Day 108

Last flower on my blossom tree.

Day 108 ~ Last man standing.

Regular readers may remember last year a family of mice took up residence under my shed. They stayed there all through winter, but disappeared a few weeks ago and we thought that was that, they’re off to pastures new, spring is sprung and they all want to get jiggy. I was glad of that, to be honest. They were not any trouble, but the warm weather is here and I want to keep doors open to the garden without risking an invasion.

But it seems they didn’t move out, they just went on holiday. I spilled a bit of bird food on the garden path and later my eye caught a movement by it. Hmm I thought, so I put a bit more down by the shed to see if I was right, and sure enough

Madam bloody Mouse.

So far I’ve seen Madam bloody Mouse, and two smaller ones. Sigh. Well at least Phil will be chuffed, he missed them when we thought they’d gone. 🙄

13 thoughts on “Day 108

  1. Omg:). Well enjoy your “company “ we have s new resident as well, I’ll try to get s shot of him , hopefully in the next few days . We thought he was gone… sound familiar:) and I did one those double takes the other morning.. sure ‘nuff He’s back , living under my deck . I don’t wanna ruin it, so I’m not telling you what he is 🙂
    Ps I love your “last bloom”

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  2. Is his name Gerald ? 🙂 We have a few living in the log pile, picking up the fallen seeds from the bird feeder, but I never get close enough to take a picture, which you have done perfectly.

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