Day 112

Another limited edition sunny day, this Easter has had the hottest temperatures since records began. It’s been nice, but it’s going back to normal on Wednesday apparently. I’m quite glad about that, I wasn’t ready for the tropics!

Phil came out with me for a bike ride this afternoon

Biker Boy

I’m annoyed with myself for cutting off the bottom of the bike, which is as bad as cutting peoples feet off, but hey-ho you can’t be perfect all the time 🙂

As well as the bike ride, I’ve processed photo’s from yesterday at the beach, re-arranged the furniture in my playroom, and cooked a yummy dinner. Now for a little glass of wine (that might not be so little) and Game of Thrones! A very nice end to the Bank Holiday Weekend.

6 thoughts on “Day 112

  1. Well sounds to me like a fun filled day for sure!!!!:) still to cold for a bike ride here . It is warming up , day by day 🙂
    These are great Fraggy , glad Phil went with ya . Hope ya enjoyed that well deserved bottle of wine my friend

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  2. I didn’t ride a bike, but had a busy day of non-Easter ‘stuff’. Then I also cooked a nice dinner. Pigeon breasts with black pudding, potatoes, cabbage, and carrots. The wine was a Portuguese red, and more or less finished me off, after a long hot day. 🙂 It’s only 10:15, and I am thinking about bed. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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