Day 113 ~ Storm egg Revisited

You may remember, dear reader, back on Day 67 I was being amazed by an organic egg, which Eddy over on the WINKO blog said he thought was called a storm egg- as storms stress out the chickens when they are giving birth– do chickens give birth?? well, probably they lay an egg, whatever. Either way, it causes veiny ripples in the outer casing, which looks cool. At my great age of 59 & 2/3, I had never seen one until I bought ‘proper’ organic eggs, from a farm, and not organic labeled ones from Asda- whos eggs are smooth as a baby’s bum. I wonder if ASDA are either a) telling porkies about the eggs being organic, or b) disposing of the ripple eggs so as not to offend their snowflakes. Snowflakes indeed, and ‘millenials’ or ‘baby boomers’ who thinks these things up?? ridiculous. Anyway I digress. At the weekend I’d run out of eggs so went to our local corner shop, a Londis as it happens, and in the egg section were a couple of cartons which purported to hold organic eggs, so I grabbed one, thinking at best they’d be free range. On getting ready to cook cloud eggs (not the same as storm eggs, see dayΒ 69 ) I discovered yet another ‘organic egg’. This one doesn’t look like it’s got as many varicose veins as the other one did, but its bottom end is very moony. I’m thinking not as much thunder and lightning perhaps. 🀣.🐣

Day 113 ~ Storm Egg

18 thoughts on “Day 113 ~ Storm egg Revisited

  1. Wow. I’ve still never seen anything like it ?! Organic or free range .. now I wonder.. maybe they do get rid of them ?. Thanks for sharing Frags, now I’m on s mission though I must find of these. Eggs:)

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  2. I’ve kept hens for a few years and never seen an egg like that. It’s true that they don’t like storms or rain or snow or a bit of wind or large birds flying overhead or … The list goes on. It doesn’t take much to make a chicken think that the end of the world has come.

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  3. Maybe we have more relaxed chickens in Canada cause I”ve never seen an egg like that. I buy organic, free range, and all kinds of humane based eggs and the only variation is when they are white or brown and maybe a few flecks. Very interesting.

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