Day 116

Today I received a mystery package in the post. There is a thought process we go through when something mysterious comes into our lives and this was mine.

  • Ooh, what did drunk me order for sober me?
  • That’s not an Amazon package.
  • Ooh, that stamp’s different, Polska?
  • That footballer is quite handsome.
  • It’s from Poland! I know people in Poland.
  • There’s a name & address label on it, says Gosia, I know a Gosia!
  • It’s from Eddy & Gosia!

Opens package.

  • It’s a square of hessian or something and a jar of cream!
  • Did I order that and forget?
  • Have they sent it to me by mistake and someone else should have it?
  • I’d best get in touch with Eddy.

1/2 hour later-

  • I’ll take a photo so he knows what I’m on about.
  • Mmm, this cream stuff smells yummy!
  • Maybe this is a coaster!
Mystery stuff.

So I check the envelope eventually, and find a letter inside with full explanation! Duh! 🙄 Eddy has sent me a pan scrub Gosia has made to test out instead of using the spongy things that are not recyclable. It’s made of sisal, which according to wiki is a ‘species of Agave native to southern Mexico but widely cultivated and naturalized in many other countries. It yields a stiff fiber used in making various products’. It’s compostible when it finally gives out. You hang it from your tap so it dries out in between washes and boil it in hot water every couple of weeks to keep it fresh. It might be bleachable too but I’ll get info from Eddy on that.

Ready for action!

The hand cream is very luxurious and smells like all kinds of gorgeous, I’m really grateful for that as my hands are dry from using a lot of alcoholic rub at work.

I urge you all to check out Eddy & Gosia’s sustainable products which they post anywhere in the world and are very reasonably priced. This is the blog post where you can find out about the gorgeous soaps, balms, shaving cream, bath bombs, etc

Read about them HERE

and this is where you can order them from


Save the planet people!

13 thoughts on “Day 116

  1. Glad to hear you worked it out 🙂 It will be interesting to know what you think about the pan scrub, Next stop Dragons Den 🙂
    Thanks for the links, like you mentioned I need to update the website quite a bit to reflect all the new products, with three days of rain ahead it may just happen soon.
    As for bleach, we don’t use it (not very environmentally friendly) so let us know, I’m sure it will be fine.

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