Day 122

Well I’m more or less ready for off, mostly packed, just a few last minute things in the morning. Of course, I’ve packed way too many clothes and stuff, but at least made a decision on cameras. I figured trying to choose which one to take out every day would drive me bonkers, so I’ve gone for travelling light. The X100F digital, the Minolta Riva 35mm, and the Instax Wide for fun! Long day driving down to Dover tomorrow, and the weather doesn’t look great, so will be taking it steady.

Day 122

We’re staying in a Water Mill in the French countryside, but will be having days out to various places. Not sure where as yet! It’s Phil’s job to sort out our day trips, I organise the travel. If there is internet there I’ll still be posting the daily shot, and checking in with you dear reader, but if not, I’ll be seeing you when I get back!

18 thoughts on “Day 122

  1. I hope you have a great time in pre-Brexit France. I think you made the right camera choices.
    After all, Trop d’appareils photo pourraient leur faire croire que vous êtes des espions du Brexit!
    Ooh la la.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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