Day 123

A long drive to Dover, took us 8 hours but we did have a 1/2hr lunch stoppage. Lots of traffic once we got down south, and it being a bank holiday weekend didn’t help matters. Still, we were not stuck in a jam for any length of time, but a fair amount of crawling along the M25. We usually go down the A1 and join the M11 to cut the corner off the M25, but on the way down we heard the A1 was closed as a car had gone across the central barrier around Grantham, so we had to change tack and do the M1 instead. Never mind, we are here in Dover staying overnight at a Premier Inn, and we had a nice dinner in the restaurant attached, went for a walk to get some biscuits for Phil, and I took a shot of one of the ferries arriving.

Day 123

So a couple of G&T’s and early to bed!

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