Days 124 & 125

Yesterday, Saturday was a long and arduous day as we had to get up at 7, be at the ferry for 9am, sail and then a 6 hr drive to where we are staying in Normandy. After the 8 hour drive on Friday, unfortunately neither of us had slept well at all in the Premier inn, which made it a chore.

Day 124 ~ A Rod Stewart moment.

But at last we got here and it was worth the journey. What a beautiful place we are in. The old watermill was started in the 1700’s, with newer bits added on later and we are in the downstairs apartment. Nicola who owns it is absolutely lovely and welcomed us as we arrived and showed us the workings of the place. I’m not going to say much more as there’ll be a full report on the Universe blog. We stayed in today to recuperate as we were both knackered and needed a rest. Though we have walked around the grounds and by the river, and I’ve been busy with my camera. We’ve made friends with the resident cats, and one is curled up in the easy chair as I type this. I probably won’t ever want to leave.

Day 125 ~ our residence for the week.

We are surrounded by forest, and the birdsong is amazing, so much going on!

18 thoughts on “Days 124 & 125

  1. I have catching up to do! It sounds like a wonderful place. I love the photo. I love to watch BBC mystery stories, and this building looks like it could be in any of them. I hope you got plenty of rest and enjoyed the rest of your holiday. Hugs!

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