Day 139

Spent the day out with Sophie, and we did Allen Banks, where the river Aln runs through Staward Gorge. On the hunt for bluebells we ended up climbing the steps carved into the side of the Gorge. 190 feet. About 10 flights of stairs, but these were not stairs.

Day 139 ~The climb begins.

I am too old for that shit. But I did it and didn’t die, though I thought I might.

Apart from that it was a lovely day out, and I also got a shot of a bridge you also had to climb stairs up to get to!

Bridge Over The River Aln

11 thoughts on “Day 139

  1. Ah, Fraggy, age is a state of mind they say, but they lie. Bad knees are not a state of mind. Great shots – but I wonder, did you get one from the bridge looking down? I bet it was a great view.

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