Day 152

This is a bit of a cheat as these are all colour shots apart from the feature image, but it’s a follow on from a post over from Petes blog (CLICK HERE) regarding plant identification. Am hoping Jude can come up with the answer, but if anyone else has any idea, do chip in!

flower bit
leaf bit
buds bit
the whole enchilada

19 thoughts on “Day 152

    1. It does look similar, but the inner flower bit is different, the one in wiki has a lot more frondy things coming out of the centre in a haphazard way, mine are very uniform- one long pointy thing and 5 surrounding blobby things. Also my plants leaves are not hairy and are not white underneath. And I’m also thinking the climate conditions here in the North East of England are way too cold for anything that flourishes in Arizona 🤣 thanks so much for trying Jude, if I ever find out I’ll let you know! Also sorry for the non—horticultural language – this must be like a musician hearing someone play a violin who doesn’t know how for you!


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