12 thoughts on “Day 153

    1. I don’t think I’ll blog it this time, what with the 365 B&W and a course I’m doing plus work and homelife & outings with sophie, the universe blog is getting sidelined. I’ll never catch up until I’m decrepit! I have however taken some shots and they’re in an album on my smugmug site if you want to have a look. https://fragglerocks.smugmug.com/Events/Tyneside-Model-Show-2019/
      Caught up with John Joblin there too today, nice to have a ‘gear’ natter!

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  1. Nice plane – I love those old ones from that era. Hard to believe they ever flew! I went to your SmugMug to check out the show pictures, and I cannot believe the detail people have put into the models, much less the patience to create them. Totally enjoyed the series.

    Meanwhile, back to film scanning . . .

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      1. There’s a WWI aviation barn somewhere up in New York – my dad went to see it once and he raves about it. As I haven’t been, I’m not sure if the planes are original, replicas, or both, but they fly them around and everything. I’d love to go check that out sometime! 🙂

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