Day 155

“The world is just a great big onion,

and pain and fear are the spices that make you cry.”

Day 155 ~ World of Onion.

Well, old Marvin got that a bit wrong, as there aren’t any spices in onions. You cry when you cut into one because of the release of a volatile gas, syn-propanethial-S-oxide which stimulates nerves in the eye. I don’t suppose that springs to mind readily when writing a song lyric. πŸ˜€

18 thoughts on “Day 155

  1. “I gave some onions to my lass,
    She cried aloud, ‘These give me gas!
    (I ran!)
    (Oh hell!)
    And died.”

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  2. ‘I don’t want a pickle, I just want to drive of my motorcycle’
    But if you keep your mouth open when cutting onions it should stop you crying, even if it does mean you end up dribbling into your curry πŸ™‚

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