Day 156

Of late, my Happy Eater tree has been taken over by a herd of starlings. They are voracious and the bird food disappeared rapidly each day. After a week they then brought their (huge!) chicks and any food I put out was gone by mid-morning! I know they are apparently declining in numbers, so I kept it up for about a week, but then could no longer stand their discordant squawking, their massive shits everywhere, and their bullying of the rest of my visitors. So I stopped the food and just left a few fat balls out in the hopes the little ones would get some. After a few days, no more starlings appeared, so I risked refilling the feeders this evening and so far no starlings. The robin is back, the blue & great tits are back, a thrush, a couple of blackbirds and the spuggies and their babies. Happy days again on the Happy Eater tree!

Day 156 ~ where’s me grub Mum?

He looked so cute sitting in the feeder cap!

Dinner is served!

10 thoughts on “Day 156

  1. I’m glad the little ones were finally able to come back to the feeders. Amazing shots, Fraggle.
    I’ve put together a small solar fountain, to water these high desert birds. On breezy days the water goes away faster than I can keep up with. But the birds love it, and are so cute. Hugs on the wing.

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      1. This area is “high desert” (elevation 4000+ feet, but not in the mountains). So there is more moisture than all-out desert. But all the wildlife typically has less color (and is less well fed) than the east coast or the deep south (east). The species are similar. Sparrows, finches, warblers, robins (our big kind, black with a red breast), doves, pigeons, and grackles. And the occasional hummingbird (also mostly brown). I saw a couple of gloriously colored western tanagers, but they were only around for a few days. I suppose this is their migratory path.
        I don’t know much about birds, but those are the ones I’ve seen. I’m learning! 😀

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  2. Ahhh , yes!! I gotta get rid of my starlings, they eat everything in sight don’t they ?!
    The only food left is that for finches and hummers. But I am missing all my Robins and cardinals . Nice works Frag!!
    Sorry I’ve been down and out of it, but I’m all fixed up now ,


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