Day 163

The atrocious weather here continues, I had plans for another Land of Giants shot, but that went all to ratshit as I had to take Phil to pick up his car from repair. Not a great journey, 9 miles of rush hour traffic there, and 9 miles back, so by the time we did that and then made dinner and munched it, I truly could not be arsed with anything clever. Luckily I had spotted Baby Woody hunkering down on our fence, he looked as miserable about the rain as we did.

Day 163 ~ Baby Woody

In other news poor Phil hasn’t been well since Sunday, with an unidentified lurgy, until today when the sneezing began, adding to his already settled in cough and general feeling of malaise. A bad cold we think. I am determined not to succumb to his evil bugs, but my nose is runny, my eyes are a bit stingy, I feel worn out and my legs are achy so I think I may have fallen foul of them already. Keeping quiet though, one dying swan in the household at a time is best! 🙂

22 thoughts on “Day 163

  1. Baby Pigeons are rare to spot. (They are called ‘Squabs’) Well done with that, FR.
    Sorry to hear about Phil’s illness, and you catching it too. Get well soon, both of you.
    As for the rain, if it carries on, I may well top myself… It’s just like living in Atlantis!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Ohh I’m sorry to hear about Phil, and yes you too!!!! Good grief didn’t you just get over some sort of chest bug?:( . You poor guys . Me thinks you need more sunshine in your lives … get ready :)!!!!!! Feel better xxxx

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