Day 168

In January, on day 25 I posted a picture of my lemsip which is all about I could do as I felt so ill. It was the 3rd January in a row that happened. Now on June the bloody 17th I have it all over again and I am not good. I had to go sick from work which upsets me as I don’t like to let them down, and all I am doing is taking tablets, sneezing, coughing, god SO much coughing! and blowing my nose ad nauseum. I mean come on! It’s feking June for godsakes. I am so miserable, and I know I’m a whiney moany mare, and there’s worse things in life but I don’t care. I am fed up beyond the beyond. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Day 168

22 thoughts on “Day 168

  1. I feel your pain, darlin. I’ve been off work for the passed 3 days myself (although, my boss keeps calling me with work I can do from home!! ๐Ÿ˜…) but, at least you got a great picture out of it!!
    I really hope you feel better soon! I feel like the changing of the seasons always hits hard. And, since the seasons seem to be changing so late this year… It’s about that time!

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  2. Aw, sorry Fraggs, it really does suck ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I hope the kiddos donโ€™t get the crude now. But back to you… u better take it easy, we ainโ€™t 21 no more!!!! Aw feel better soon , sending some virtual chicken soup your way .

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  3. I hear you, Fraggle. I hate being sick. It seems like this thing was just waiting to ambush you. I’m glad you’re good and pissed off at it — because hopefully that will help you get over it. Feel fabulous fast, my friend. Great big hug.

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  4. To cheer you up a bit . . . “The Sniffle” by Ogden Nash

    In spite of her sniffle
    Isabel’s chiffle.
    Some girls with a sniffle
    Would be weepy and tiffle;
    They would look awful,
    Like a rained-on waffle,
    But Isabel’s chiffle
    In spite of her sniffle.
    Her nose is more red
    With a cold in her head,
    But then, to be sure,
    Her eyes are bluer.
    Some girls with a snuffle,
    Their tempers are uffle.
    But when Isabel’s snivelly
    She’s snivelly civilly,
    And when she’s snuffly
    She’s perfectly luffly.

    Get well soon!


  5. Fraggle! I’m tough loving you right now! Pull yourself together woman! You can beat this!
    (But actually feel better babe, and I completely understand so cough and snot it all out and in my most dramatic voice, this too shall pass!!! )

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