10 thoughts on “Day 170

  1. My eyes can’t quite cope with that one. Is it your hand? I looked at it for too long, until my eyes went blurry, and I still can’t work it out.
    Blame it on the cataracts. 🙂
    I looked up Hipstamatic, and it says it gives photos a vintage look.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. My downstairs loo window has wobbly glass if you know what I mean, and when the sun shines through it in the evening it makes a wobbly pattern of light and shadows on the wall. I was having a wee and noticed how my silhouette was distorted in the patch of light, so got my phone and took a few shots. (After I’d had my wee of course.) 🤣 that’s my hand taking the picture. It isn’t a phone effect except the B&W bit.

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