Day 180

For the past 3 days the weather forecasters have been showing on their weather map our mini-heatwave, courtesy of the Sahara desert via Europe. It’s all supposed to end tomorrow. Well dear reader, I have to say, that apart from Thursday, which was admittedly a beautiful day, and in spite of the promises from the weather forecasters, today can be labelled Sucky McSuckface. The sun never arrived in Gateshead. 😦

Day 180 ~ The heatwave ~ aka Sucky McSuckface Day.

Also, it’s raining now.

18 thoughts on “Day 180

  1. We had a scorcher here! Sunny from 7 am, and 30 degrees by 2 pm. Still hot at 9 pm, so fans on in the bedroom later.
    But it is just today. Tomorrow is supposed to be back to 18/19 degrees. Still, one day of high summer is better than none. 🙂
    (It was too warm for Ollie though. He just stood in the river, instead of walking.)
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. We have been having a stretch of awesome weather , today looks and feels like rain, but the weather genies day only a chance if s shower. It’s been in the mud to hi 80’s. And well I’m lovin’ it:) my friends in Florida say it’s been over 100 , I’m not worried, everything is air conditioned . 🙂

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