Day 192

Hubby was on a half day shift today so we met up for a lunch date after he’d finished work. We went to The Cock Crow Inn which is near home and had the lunch special, 2 courses for £5.35. Wasn’t expecting much at that price, but the food was good basic fare, and the service great. And it’s a nice place.

Day 192 ~ lunch date

20 thoughts on “Day 192

  1. How great , I haven’t met up with Dave for lunch (like that) in a very long time. Of course I don’t understand your money 🙂 but I’ll take your word for it:)
    Sorry I haven’t been around much , okayed is pretty darn full , some you know about, others unexpected , but too early to talk about . But good news., we now own a condo :), pack those bags

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  2. What a cute looking spot! There are so many Cock Inns there… we do not have any establishments in the US with the name cock in it. Has a bit of a different connotation over here! 🙂

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