Day 196 & tales from Fraggle Towers

It’s been a little while since I wrote anything, I seem always to be busy, or having nothing to say! We’ve finally had a sunny day all day! Of course I’m back to work so missed most of it, but it was a nice evening at least. Life here is quite mundane at the moment, but the garden is looking lush with all the rain we’ve had, the buddlea has become a monster

shed and buddlea

I’ve got a Begonia this year, which I have no idea about, it’s my first. For some reason all the flower stems bend over and the flower faces downwards, which seems odd, (yes I have watered it!) but it looks really pretty when you can see it.


Very excited as my pre-ordered-several-months-ago bluray arrived today, which means that Saturday Night movie night is taken care of already.


We’ve babysitted grandkids and not only survived but had fun, we’ve ‘done lunch’ Phil has been working on his latest tank (not allowed to photograph it for the blog yet) and I’ve been quietly doing a photography course- I say quietly as there is a forum for all the members on Facebook, but it’s all a bit bonkers and not really me, but I’m doing the practice and the lessons. I can’t post the pics as they’re in colour :). The evening news is mostly distressing, and it drives Phil mad that with the womens football, tennis and cricket taking up to 15 mins in poll position at the start of the programmes, what’s the point of having a sportsday programme to follow the news, and, where’s the bloody news?? He becomes very Alf Garnett about it. πŸ™‚ I reckon they’re trying to do a ‘feel good’ thing to take our minds off the state of this nation, but it isn’t working here! Luckily Euronews is also on Sky and they do proper stuff.

I can’t help feeling most of the time, when I do see the news, that I live in a broken country, in a broken world. Very little I can do about it except to vote when needed, recycle stuff, go to work, suck ears, and take photographs, so I try to keep my thoughts in check, and simple, but it’s hard work sometimes!

Movies we’ve watched of late- Dot Zero 30, we started that on Friday, but it was supposed to be happy-movie night and after 20 mins we decided to postpone it to a ‘grim-movie’ night! The Last Post, with Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks was absolutely excellent and fascinating to find out how The Pentagon Papers got out ( shades of Assange, Snowdon and now Kim Darruch) and horrific at what they found in them. Wonderful acting by Meryl, such a joy to watch her work. Pete- I know you’ll read this and probably didn’t see it because of Hanks, but mate, this is right up your street. We’re in the last 1/3 of Schindlers List which, believe it or not, I’d never seen. What a staggering piece of work, the photography and lighting is sublime, I am fangirling Speilberg, or at least his lighting director. The acting is SO good, Ralph Fiennes! Amazebobs! We’ve re-done Private Ryan and Band of Brothers series, so we’ve been very military in our choices. I’m quite looking forward to a break from it all with Captain Marvel. Oh wait, I think the universe is having a war in that! 🀣 Well I can’t do daft horror movies, and romcoms are just urk, I prefer superhero’s to most of the rest of the world. Family and friends excepted. πŸ™‚

Enough blathering on, leaving you with my fave shot of the day

Day 196 ~ Hanging on.

27 thoughts on “Day 196 & tales from Fraggle Towers

  1. Love the Begonia!…and the shed is looking fabulous… I sort of like the idea of a Grim Movie night…though if I had one I think I’d keep postponing it. For instance I have been meaning to watch The Road for years…and just can’t! And yes the news 😦 …all our countries are broken I think…

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  2. Glad you had sun. We’ve got a lot right now, and it is so nice. Like you, my garden flowers are blooming, and it’s such a delight. Nice shots, too – oh, begonias are rather droopy flowers, large or small blossoms.

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      1. Give yourself a color-day! The garden must be fabulous right now. Mine is just a bunch of patio plants, but it is going to get documented – peppers, tomatoes, flowers, all sorts of stuff. Barely room for me anymore!

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  3. Well…talk about a couple of things that are a coincidence and pretty much all in one postπŸ˜…
    For one thing on the day I make my return to blogging, I see you publish a post that says you haven’t written something in a while 😊 And then I see Captain Marvel, a movie that I saw myself on Saturday (followed on sunday by Endgame😊) I hope you will enjoy Captain Marvel. For me it was a very different kind of Marvel movie than the others and I quite liked it 😊
    Schindler’s List is amazing…a heartwrenching piece of movie history. Haven’t heard of the Last Post movie, but I will check that one out!.
    Great post, and as always the photographs are amazing.😊

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    1. Looking forward to Captain Marvel, I’ve read a few reviews where people didn’t expect much of it but really liked it. Endgame doesn’t get to me til Sept 2nd, and unfortunately I’ve accidentally come across spoilers, but it doesn’t matter, I’m excited for it anyway. Just bawled my eyes out at the end of Schindler list! πŸ™„πŸ˜‚

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      1. Yeah, that was the same with me with Endgame. Going in to the movie I already knew who would die, but eh, in this day and age that can’t be helped anymore it seems. I think you will enjoy Captain Marvel. It was for me one of the more unique Marvel films, as in it felt totally different than all the others.
        Lol…no worries, I think everyone did that at the end of that film 😊

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    2. Just realised you think the movie is called Last Post, but it isn’t it’s called THE post. Am sure there’s a movie called Last Post too but don’t watch that you’ll think I was bonkers. 🀣

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  4. OK, ignoring Captain Marvel, I cannot believe you have not seen Schindler’s List. The best of Spielberg, without doubt.
    I love the begonia, and I am with Phil about this ‘summer of sport’.
    I don’t like sport, I admit that.
    Tennis/F1/Women’s Football/Cricket/Darts/Netball, and god knows what else. Normal TV gets sidelined, or chucked completely. Recordings are messed around, and the news is a rehash of Wimbledon and Cricket. Then next year, the bloody Olympics! (Not to mention the US Election) I am like Meldrew on steroids too!
    I like the photos, by the way. πŸ™‚
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  5. Beautiful photos, Fraggle. I’m glad you’re relaxing with movies. But for me that would be a very grim list. (Although nothing seems as grim as watching the news.) I’m glad you’re topping it off with some comic book escapism. Have a wonder-filled new week. Hugs.

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  6. I really love your “personal” writing as much as your photographs. You are a very interesting person and it shows in everything you do.
    I have to stay away from most movies and most news- it only feeds my depressive nature. But I do have hope for all of us.
    I think technology has changed so drastically the way we communicate that we haven’t quite figured out the human ways of manipulation and fear mongering and the damage that inflicts. It will all come out in the wash, eventually. Hope….
    Thanks for sharing! Loved it.

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