Day 198

Well I was ready for the partial eclipse last night. Tripod and camera all set up and ready to go, shouldn’t have been a problem as it was happening between 9pm and midnight. 9 ‘0 clock- clouds 10- clouds, 10.30 (optimal eclipse time) – clouds. 11pm Clouds. Looked on instagram, thousands of damned photo’s of it from all over the place. 11.30- have a guess, begins with C. So off I went to bed, read my book til midnight, had a peek through the curtains and bosh! Full moon and no bloody clouds, the eclipse just ending. Sigh.

Day 198 ~ Zen Mousey

15 thoughts on “Day 198

      1. Good to know. We get those lovely Norwegian rats out here. Ugh. We have some killer rat traps. I load them – the DH gets to unload and wash off the gore. Not this girl’s job.

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