Day 198

Well I was ready for the partial eclipse last night. Tripod and camera all set up and ready to go, shouldn’t have been a problem as it was happening between 9pm and midnight. 9 ‘0 clock- clouds 10- clouds, 10.30 (optimal eclipse time) – clouds. 11pm Clouds. Looked on instagram, thousands of damned photo’s of it from all over the place. 11.30- have a guess, begins with C. So off I went to bed, read my book til midnight, had a peek through the curtains and bosh! Full moon and no bloody clouds, the eclipse just ending. Sigh.

Day 198 ~ Zen Mousey

16 thoughts on “Day 198

      1. Good to know. We get those lovely Norwegian rats out here. Ugh. We have some killer rat traps. I load them – the DH gets to unload and wash off the gore. Not this girl’s job.

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  1. I have noticed the less we think in our minds that we are not going to see the dumb eclipse it more appears, because otherwise the more you think to want to photograph it the cloudier it is. It seems a game to see who trolls to one xP

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