21 thoughts on “Day 205

  1. Dahlias! My garden weed whacked mine the one year I planted them! Since then, he has been supervised about bulbs . . . he’s a nice guy but a mow-and-blow gardener. I think dahlias are the most outrageous flowers and really agree that the buds are so intriguing, even better in b&w. Very nice.

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    1. Thanks Naomi. I had 3 pots of dahlias last year and after they flowered and died in winter I just left the pots alone and 2 of them have popped up again, even better than the year before. Wasn’t expecting that!

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      1. Calla lilies are really hard to kill. I know, I tried. Now I am resurrecting them because I have time to be a better gardener . . . water helps, too!

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