Day 225

I bought this orchid to photograph back on day 42, and photographed it then when it only had a couple of flowers on it. 187 days later today, the last flower has opened. It has been lush to watch it grow to magnificence, my others don’t really compare I’m afraid. In a few days time the first of its flowers will start to perish, and one by one they’ll all drop off. I wanted to take a shot of it in full magnifico mode before that happens, so here it is.

Day 225 ~ The white orchid.

12 thoughts on “Day 225

  1. As Pete said the texture on this is very impressive, I like πŸ™‚
    I mentioned to a friend about your new lens and he went into one about all sorts of other soviet block kit that was about that he used to use,, he is a bit nuts about photography πŸ™‚ My eyes glazed over for most of it as its all double Dutch to me, but his memories of the Lomo were very enthusiastic as a go to happy snapper that could come up with some very impressive results.

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