Day 235

I’m still doing the Sunday challenge every week over at Ipernity, this weeks theme made me snigger – clouds – 🀣 I mean, how many do you want!?

Day 235 ~ cloud age

Also apparently there’s a stage 3 heatwave going on this weekend, which means it’s mad hot and you can die of boilingness from it. But that’s down in London and the South, so that’s fine by me. It’s overcrowded there anyways. πŸ˜‚ Very pleasant here at 25/6 degC with a gentle breeze. Not so ‘grim oop north’. πŸ€ͺ

15 thoughts on “Day 235

  1. Wow those clouds look amazing! (So does the picture, but hey you already knew that right? πŸ€”) It’s going to be another mad hot week over here in Holland…which honestly I wasn’t looking forward too….and still aren’t lol. Have a great weekend! 😊

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