Day 236

Two days into my 60’s and already my immune system is deteriorating πŸ™„ . I woke up this morning wondering why my vision included a weird bulge under the right eye. When I looked in the mirror the soft skin under that eye is swollen up and filled with fluid. Also most of the right side of my face is puffed out. On further examination (prodding) I found it hurt to do so, and am assuming now I have a tooth abscess. FFS! I’m majorly fed up as I scrupulously clean my pegs and floss at least 3 times a day because I don’t like dentist trips. I envisage a trip to the dentist next week though 😒

Consequently it’s hard to take photographs as I use my right eye and anyway I can’t go out looking like I just about survived a round with Mohammed Ali so I did my beautiful lilies instead. They’ve really opened up now and their perfume is pervading the whole house. Gorgeous!


one is never enough though πŸ™‚

day 236 ~ lilies

12 thoughts on “Day 236

  1. Welcome to the 60s. Downhill from here. Wheee!

    For your tooth, you better be on antibiotics. Upper teeth abcesses (abcessi?) can be very, very dangerous. I used to work for a dentist . . . If it gets bad, get to the ER or something. Much as you hate the dentist – did you know they have the highest suicide rate of all medical professionals? – your love of good health is more important. Yes, being bossy. ;-P

    That said, lilies are such lovely, fragrant flowers, and you certainly did justice to them!

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