Day 239

Another blue sky day here for most of the day, but the forecast was and is thunderstorms and rain on and off through the night. The first one turned up here about 7pm, its leading edge illuminated by the sun for a little while until the sun was subsumed and the air grew dark and rumbled and grumbled. A few flashes of electric light and not much rain, it passed over quickly. Waiting for the next one now.

Day 239 ~ Stormzy

In other news, another attempt at catching the hedgehog on the trail camera last night. Abject failure yet again. 🙄 The hedgehog came, ate his biscuits and left without us seeing him, and so we put some more out incase he came back and caught Mrs.Fluffy the mouse botherer stuffing her face with them. None of that turned up on the camera. Sigh. I’ve reset the settings and will try again tonight! 3rd time lucky and fingers xt!

7 thoughts on “Day 239

  1. Insufferably hot here today. I had to have a lie-down this afternoon. Unheard of! They say this is the last ‘really hot day’.
    Just as well, as this one nearly killed me off as a ‘Pete Species’!
    Good luck with the trail camera tonight, FR. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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