Day 240

The roses I bought and photographed back on Day 219 and again on day 223, have all now finally expired. I love watching them desiccate and like the end result nearly as much as fresh ones.

Day 240 ~ Send me dead flowers every morning.

And now for the main event 🙂

between 2.02am and 2.55am Harry the hedgehog visited the garden and the trail camera finally did its thing. Obviously some refinements need doing to make a better video, I’m working on it 🙂 but am well chuffed to have got started.

Day 240 ~ Harry’s Game.

It also captured Mrs.Fluffy-the-mouse-botherer looking for hedgehog biscuits, and a tabby cat we didn’t recognise. During the day it captured Mrs.Fluffy-the-mouse-botherer sniffing round the shed looking for mice several times, and generally treating our garden as her personal entertainment area. Also caught were Woody the wood pigeon picking seed off the lawn, and Phil sneakily putting a bit of bird food out at the front of the shed for the mices lunch. 🙄🤣

12 thoughts on “Day 240

  1. Dried flowers – especially from a bouquet you enjoyed – are especially nice. BTW, the hedgehog video is marked as private and I cannot see! Can you fix that? I’ve never seen one before.

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  2. It played OK for me. Great to see him/her stuffing his/her face!
    Sue Judd loves decaying flowers, and often posts them on her blog.
    Julie got three bunches when she left her job last week, but the heat has wiped them out.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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