Day 242

Messing about in the shed today, weathers bloody awful.

Day 242 ~ Moonlight serenade

In other news, Harry visited again last night, and apparently is not a Harry at all, but a Harriet. I know this because she had a gentleman caller following her, who proceeded to have his wicked way with her, right in the food dish. πŸ₯΄πŸ™„ I will spare you the video clip. There was no post-coital cigarette, Jack the Lad buggered off, and Harriet spent another hour or so in the garden having a wander and stuffing her face.

13 thoughts on “Day 242

  1. I don’t know if hedgehogs have prickles, but porcupines do . . . . the eternal question is “how do porcupines make love?” and the answer is “very carefully.”

    Oh, hahahahaha!

    BTW, the Moonlight Serenade is cute! No howling wolves or bats?

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