Day 249

I’m just about packed and ready to go at 5.30 tomorrow morning πŸ₯΄ flight times are so awful sometimes! I’m leaving you with an update on Garden Watch. This morning, as in most mornings, the Band of Spuggies had a bath in the hedgehogs drinking water,

Day 249 ~ Spuggy splash

I’m still setting up the trail camera every. night and so far we’ve identified 3 different hedgehogs,

This is Stripey, not sure yet off it’s a boy or a girl
Harriet, definitely a girl
Rodger the reprobate (he pillaged Harriet at the beginning of the week)

finally a very short video of Stripey and Harriet sharing dinner πŸ™‚

Harriet & Stripey

14 thoughts on “Day 249

  1. My old receptionist used to have baby hedgehogs, and she’d sometimes bring them to the office. Nervous patients would hold on to them and let them crawl on their chests to distract them from their dental fears. LOL. The babies are so cute.

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