Day 250

So here I am safe and sound, in spite of hurtling through the sky in a steel tube with flaps, and in spite of roads which were narrow with twisty turns up the side of a mountain. Serious parping going round hairpin bends I tell you. No matter, here we are in a sumptuous hotel with fab views. This will all get to the universe blog eventually, before I die πŸ˜€ but this week a little taster.

Room 31 Hotel Paggeria Medicea
It has a wine holder!!
shower room
the hotel restaurant, built in 1600’s, nice staff, gorgeous setting, underwhelmed with the food.

17 thoughts on “Day 250

  1. I’m in love with that bathroom. How can there be bad food in Tuscany?

    After almost a decade, I can still remember how sore my shoulders were after driving up and down the Tuscan hills on narrow roads for a week. It was the stress of not entirely knowing what was expected of me if I met something coming in the opposite direction. Despite that, I’d rather be there than here.

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    1. I am getting used to the driving of hairpin bends and precipitous drops if one swerves too far! My shoulders and neck are suffering though! We are so far from any restaurants that we are using the one on the estate, actually I quite liked tonights dinner, which was salmon with weird accoutrements. Hubby, though is a pie and chips Geordie lad through and through, but is consoling himself with desserts! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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  2. I always have the idea of Tuscany of one of the most beautiful places ever. Said that for some reason I cannot see your post. Maybe is a temporal issue in smugmug end or maybe my brower. Commenting just if it can be helpful to you.

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