Day 257

So we are home. There’s a cold wind blowing and the sky is grey. We’ve unpacked and discovered that Phil left his swim shorts hanging on the hotel room fireplace, and I have left a shoe behind possibly under the bed. The cleaning Signore will have a good laugh I think. Ive checked the trail cam and our hedgehogs have been visiting every night, we left lots of food and water stations for them so no surprise there. 🦔😊 Glad to be home but wish we’d brought the sun with us!

The lonely shoe

20 thoughts on “Day 257

  1. It reminds me one the Not The Nine O’clock News sketch with Rowan Atkinson as the one of the one legged team of thieves outside the shoe shop filling the black bin liner with display shoes 🙂 One of them probably had a pair of shorts on their head 🙂

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