16 thoughts on “Day 258

  1. I know that feeling – took us about 3 days to recover from a 3 day trip. But, the fact is, vacations are definitely worthwhile – though you do need a vacation from a vacation at times. Nice set up, too – that wine will help!

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  2. Now I am fascinated by your desk!
    I have the photo enlarged in another window, so here come the questions.

    1) Is that some sort of floppy, roll-up keyboard? How do you ever manage to type on that?
    It looks like a knobbly shower curtain for a wombat, or some big square bubble-wrap.

    2) What’s the silver box-thingy under the monitor? Is it a portable hard drive?

    3) What is that stick-thing, far left by the mug? It looks like a cosh, with a hand-guard/

    4) Have you used all the love in the little box of love yet?

    5) Is that wine in the glass? If so, mine’s a red please.

    I tried to read what is on the post-it note, but stopped short of trying to find my magnifying glass.

    Great shot, gave me a lot of entertainment. πŸ™‚
    Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. 1) It’s a wireless keyboard with a fitted silicone washable cover to keep the keyboard clean.
        2) It’s a CD player,only use it when I have film photos scanned to disc.
        3) It’s the pen for my wacom tablet.
        4) No there’s loads left πŸ™‚
        5) Echo Falls fruit Rose. πŸ˜€

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      2. That huge thing is a tablet pen? (I still reckon it’s a cosh!)

        Keyboards with washable covers? Didn’t know they existed. I have a huge ‘punch-it hard’ usb-wired keyboard, with extra large keys in black and yellow, as I need it to be able to see it clearly. But I do rub a finger around the gaps occasionally to remove at least some of the dust. πŸ™‚

        I had to look up what a Wacom tablet is.

        Julie likes that sort of wine.

        Cheers, Pete.


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